Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase my earnings?
Height is a major factor in increasing your helium earnings. The higher up your helium miner antenna is, the more witnesses it will come in contact with more witnesses equals more HNT.
What happens if the hotspot breaks?
If the hotspot goes offline you’ll be contacted by the Hivello team to try and workout a possible solution so it can be fixed remotely. If unable to be brought back online you’ll be required to send the hotspot back to Hivello, where we will ship another to you after receiving the first one.
How much bandwidth does this consume?
Helium Hotspots are low-bandwidth devices that use a very minimal amount of data. Overall 200-300kBps constantly so it should be unnoticeable on your network. On average our hotspots use as much data as any other idle smart device in your home
How noisy is the hotspot?
Compared to the traditional noisy Bitcoin miners helium miners will either have a small fan that makes almost an unnoticeable amount of noise or no noise at all it depends on which helium miner model you receive.
How do I get paid?
At Hivello we offer our hosts the opportunity to accept the rewards in the form of either HNT crypto currency (just provide us with a valid HNT wallet) or you can be paid in Euro using SEPA.
Is this safe?
It’s not unhealthy and is no different than having a mobile phone or wifi router near you. Helium Hotspots emit .07% of the maximum permissible exposure to RF frequencies and it emits it for less than a second, less than 4 times per day.
How much electricity does it consume?
Rather than using the power intensive proof of work model that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto currencies use Helium uses an innovative new model called "Proof of Coverage" your Hotspot will only use 5W of energy for comparison the average refrigerator uses 440w of Energy a day.
How much money will I earn?
Hotspot owners will earn HNT depending on these two factors: 1. Validating the Network- Hotspots transmit data to each other to insure the security of the network your hotspot will receive rewards when it participates in a process called proof coverage. 2. Move Data for Device Users- If an E-scooter, pet tracker, air quality sensor or other device uses a hotspot to transmit data, the hotspot will receive rewards based on the amount of data that is transferred.
Can people see my data?
The Hotspot is secure and will not spy on you or collect your data. The hotspots do not hold the capabilities to access any other devices on your network nor will they ever hold the ability to do so.