How Does It Work?

Learn about hosting with Hivello

Hosting a hotspot with Hivello is simple. We have simplified the process into three easy steps!

  1. Apply
    Our engineers will assess if your location is suitable for a hotspot. Some factors that influence the suitability are: property type, height, density of neighbouring buildings.
  2. Unbox
    Plug in the supplied antenna and connect to your wifi or ethernet connection. The hotspot will take some hours to sync with the network, don’t worry, this is completely normal!
  3. Earn
    Be rewarded with cash or crypto as the hotspot communicates with other hotspots and connected devices.

How does Hivello compare to hosting a hotspot yourself?

Equipment Cost
Hivello owns the device, meaning there is no cost to you!
Delivery Time
2-3 Days
3+ Months
Our hotspots are in stock, ready for delivery to you.
Ease of Setup
Depends on Device
We pre-configure the device before delivery, all the hard work is done!
Advice & Support
Hivello Staff + Online
Online Only
In addition to the various online channels, our staff are available for guidance and support.
Send hundreds to thousands of dollars/euro, months in advance... will the hotspot even arrive? Let Hivello take the risk